“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you

I have summoned you by nameyou are mine.” 

Isaiah 43:1



Horses are perceptive prey animals. They rely on their senses to read our intentions, unmasking our pretenses and revealing our true selves. Through interacting with horses, they teach us five powerful life skills which help us develop into the individuals we’re meant to be.
   ~ How to overcome fear
   ~ How to be good leaders and team players
   ~ How to trust
   ~ How to communicate, non-verbally
   ~ How to identify and process our feelings




The farm holds mentoring days throughout the year which give children the opportunity to develop relationships with adults who are positive role models. The children meet with their mentors in groups and also share space on the farm doing art, riding, grooming, and gardening. The purpose of these meetings is to establish relationships, have fun, and develop a mindset for learning.








Our camps teach healthy life skills through horsemanship, art journaling, and serving. We also hold discussions and play games on character building.
In our lessons, we hold the students accountable for their part in learning about equine anatomy, horse care, horse psychology, and centered riding. The goal is to encourage students not only to master their horsemanship, but develop their God-given humanity in the process.
Our hope for the future is to build a community of adults and children who share positive relationships and care for one another.





Everyone can benefit from this program. Creativity through art and writing flourishes in the peaceful environment of the farm.
The farm has a club house full of resources for artistic expression. Sometimes the horses play a major part in art, instilling a sense of trust and calm while they stand in as a canvas.