Youth and Equine Ministry of the Upstate is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
All gifts are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.
This organization exists in response to two dire needs in Laurens County.
A place in our community to support at risk children and their families,
and a sanctuary for horses in crisis situations.
By partnering in the rehabilitation of a horse that has been abused or neglected, we experience empathy, share kindness, develop responsibility, and gain respect for all living creatures.  Our approach is based on putting the relationship with the horse first by understanding his emotional and physical needs.  Through this interaction, we discover our own weaknesses and strengths. Developing a deeper awareness of our emotions creates space to strengthen a relationship not only with the horse, but also those around us.
Students and horses increase their confidence through solving puzzles with the horse and overcoming games or obstacle challenges, both on the ground and under saddle. By providing a safe and positive experience for children, adults, and horses, we move toward the future and personal growth. The horse, in all his true and honest self, helps us become the individual we were created to be.
We continue in our journey through private lessons, camps, and clinics. Our farm is also opened throughout the year to outside certified clinicians and instructors who visit on a regular basis.
Youth and Equine Ministry of the Upstate provides a place where both horse and human can experience healing. Please consider partnering with us through volunteering, mentoring, or sponsoring a child or a horse.
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